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What is the future of Fashion?

5 important trends you need to know:

1. Sustainable fashion becomes even more important as the consumer will lean toward brands with a purpose and a clear social mission.

2. Direct to consumer new technologies are key, from virtual fittings, to live streaming products from store straight to your customers home.

3. Social media messages change as brands aim to create an authentic emotional connection with their audience through tailored experiences and storytelling.

4. In season fashion and buy now/wear now collections will change the way fashion weeks are structured.

5. Small businesses and local boutique become more important as they have a direct connection with clients and a unique point of view. Global brands must also now start a ‘hyper-localised’ strategies to cater to each market needs.


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Why Fashion is a language that you need to learn

Are you currently learning a language? Maybe you are trying to improve your English or are taking on a second language like Spanish or maybe you have moved to Paris and are studying French. 

Have you you asked yourself why? Maybe you want to be able to order your coffee and get your sandwich just the way that you want it or maybe you need to improve your English so that you can communicate better with your American boss.

Your reasons maybe different but the result is the same, learning this language will improve the quality of your life in small or big ways.

Ever thought that learning a language could improve your fashion career? Im here to tell you that it can. 

1.5 billion people in the world use English to communicate and not surprisingly this is one of the most important languages used in business today. When it comes to the fashion business, this idea becomes even more important as often English is the language use to communicate between different markets.


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